Tommei the Best Friend


I'm Tommei and I want to be your best friend forever. I will add you on Facebook, I'll follow you everywhere on Twitter and I'll be with you, at home, at work and everywhere else thanks to the new US spy satellites.

I'm a pretty lonely person, I have no friends, no family, not even a distant relative. One could say that I've appeared in somebody's imagination as a physical demonstration, or materialization if you wish, of a mere thought.

An idea that society, as well as the people who create it, is beginning to crumble under the weight of our selfish ways. We no longer desire to achieve something, we no longer seek other opinions, we don't care. What we seek is appreciation.

We do things not because they are fun to do, but because we can talk about them on social networks. We prowl in the depths of social mud hunting for our prey, a like, a sign that somebody cares enough to sacrifice a single finger movement to express an emotion which would otherwise leave your post dead. In time it will though, in time it will leave you dead.

But I won't, you see. By that time I will be your only best friend. I will never say anything to annoy you, I'll never disagree, I'll never want to argue about anything. I'll be there to pat you, to wipe away your tears, I'll be there to push you forward and yet stay at the same spot. Because I'll be there at all times. Because I'm your best friend. Because I'm your only best friend, Tommei.

Just one click away from you.